20,000 Submit Applications for E-Auto Licenses in Delhi

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Approximately 20,000 applicants have submitted applications for e-auto permits in Delhi as the last date for submission ended on 15th November 2021. The last date for submission of applications has been extended only for women till the 33% reservation slots for women are filled up. The Delhi transport department had received 19,885 applications for e-auto permit until 15th November of which 698 were from women. A total of 4,261 permits of which 33% or 1,406 reserved for women will be issued by the transport department.

The Delhi Legislative Assembly’s Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot stated that the reservation slots for women were supposed to be replaced by general category applicants as per the original plan but over the period of last 4-5 weeks, the number of women interested and applying for e-auto permits has increased. This has prompted the transport department of Delhi to keep the submission of application for women open till the 33% reservation quota is filled. “We are keeping it open for now. We are also in talks with NGOs to train more women and we hope to see more strong women driving autos, cabs and even buses on Delhi roads in the future,” the Minister for Transport Kailash Gahlot said.

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Applicants who already hold an existing Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) license or a Three-Seater Rickshaw (TSR) license could apply for an e-auto permit if they have an Aadhar Card with a Delhi address. The Public Service Vehicle (PSV) has to obtained by the selected applicants within 45 days from the date lots are drawn to award e-auto permits.

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